Cure Your Tummy with Honey…

Honey has extensive medicinal value, for the body and soul. An earthly medicine and heavenly cure….


The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to drink some honey mixed with some water on an empty stomach, to preserve health. A hadith narrated by Ibn Majah & others stated that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:

“Make use of the two cures: honey and the Qur’an”.

Honey removes harmful substances that engulf the stomach, due to its cleansing effect. A cure for diarrhoea, caused by overeating, prevents the stomach and intestines from collecting harmful substances and toxins which prevents food in the stomach from being digested.

  • Preserves the health of gums and whitens teeth
  • Washes harmful substances that may have collected in the veins & intestines
  • Heats the stomach mildly & opens up the pores
  • It cleanses the stomach & rids it of harmful substances or mixtures
  • Beneficial as an ointment
  • A good preserving agent
  • Cleanses the liver & chest
  • Acts as a diuretic
  • Nutritious as a drink
  • Great for the elderly and those suffering from chills, cold & phlegm
  • Dissolves phlegm
  • Softens the bowel movement
  • Reduces the bitter taste of other medicines

Side effects: Those who are suffering from bile disorders, should consume honey with vinegar to neutralize its harm. Honey hould be taken in sufficient amounts. If taken as a larger than necessary dose, it will cause side effects



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