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Should sugar be taken out of your diet?


Sugar isn’t all bad, not from fruit anyway. But sugar in high amounts is very bad, no matter what kind. Don’t understand? Read on to learn more….

Supplements are promoted more and more these days but supplements can’t match or duplicate all the protective strengthening elements of real fruits and vegetables. There are too many unknown and undiscovered nutrients in these nutrient-rich natural foods. These cannot all be synthesised.


Without fruit, we negatively affect our personal potential for health, performance and longevity.

Today, you’ll hear a lot about not eating fruit, “no sugar,” and getting more protein. Protein is portrayed as the one safe macronutrient, which unlike fat and carbohydrates has not yet been demonized.

But does cutting all (or most of) the sugar out of your diet make any sense at all? I think you’ll agree that we need carbohydrate to fuel our bodies using whole natural food. But our brain is fueled only by sugar (glucose). The issue is not the naturally-occurring sugar from fruits and vegetables; the issue around sugar is from two words or actions that spell out all of the trouble—refined and added.


So the answer is yes, if you are cutting out refined and added sugars. The answer is no if you are talking about the natural sugar in fruits and vegetables.

So how much sugar in your diet is too much? Should you limit sugars from fruit too?

Here are the essential insights you need to know:

Refined and added sugars contribute to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, impaired cognitive function, and cancers.

Refined and added sugars may be listed on ingredient labels as sugar, honey, evaporated cane juice, brown sugar, fructose, high-fructose corn syrup, molasses, maple syrup, agave syrup, coconut sugar or fruit juice concentrates.

Regardless of the name, refined and added sugars are nutrient-poor substances that are absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream, raising blood sugar and insulin to dangerous levels; or in the case of the higher fructose sweeteners, increasing cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

As humans, we naturally incline towards sweet foods to gain the nutrients from fruits but we are now being controlled by nutrient-poor refined sugar. Only way out is to re-progarm ourself to reach for fruit rather then refined sugars. Even then the amount of fruit consumed should be controlled.

Fresh fruits provide amazingly sweet flavor packaged with fiber, essential nutrients, antioxidants and other phytochemicals that protect us against the same diseases that refined and added sugars promote.

Unlike refined foods with added sugars, nutrient-rich fresh fruits do not perpetuate sweet cravings and overeating. They nourish and detoxify your body, stabilize and strengthen your immune system and optimize the way you eat.



Children with Learning difficulties and the Modern Day Diet….

Childhood should be a happy time- to enjoy play and have fun! However, trends show that children with learning difficulties are increasing! More and more children are having  learning difficulties such as ADHD and autism as well as problems with behaviour and socialising, so why is this the case?

A survey undertaken by London’s City University found that a quarter of all children ‘often’ or ‘always felt stressed. Symptoms such as inability to focus, reading and writing difficulties, visual perception problems and poor hand eye co-ordination are distinctive of too many children. In essence, these factors are all linked to the brain; optimal nutrition during preconception and pregnancy has a massive impact upon foetal development: the brain, learning and behaviour.

Sadly, many of the most important nutrients required for brain development is missing from the modern day diet, such as essential fats, fat soluble vitamins and zinc. These nutrients have been replaced by high sugar foods, refined wheat and high processed fats.


It is commonly known that many children with ADHD are deficient in essential fatty acids, causing dry skin, eczema, asthma and thirst. Also, males who have a much higher EFA requirement are more effected than females as 4 out of 5 ADHD sufferers are male. Research obtained by Oxford University proved the value of these essential fats in a trial carried out; 41 children aged 8-12 years with ADHD symptoms and specific learning difficulties. Results portrayed that children receiving extra essential fats in supplements were both learning and  behaving better within 12 weeks.


Moreover, children with Autism are lacking in Vitamin A, essential to aid vision. It is also essential to build healthy cells in the brain and in the gut. Essentially, the best sources of vitamin A are as follows: breast milk, milk fat, organ meats, fish and cod liver oil, often replaced  in the modern diet with formula milk, multivitamins and fortified milk. Many of which actually contain altered forms of retinol (vitamin A). Thus, if children are not obtaining enough natural vitamin A, the potential of allergies, digestive problems, effected vision and lack of brain development increase. Both brain and visual differences are hallmark to Autistic children.

Many studies have proven that hyperactive children have high sugar diets in comparison to other children. Glucose is the main fuel for brain and body and when blood glucose levels increase wildly all day long, on refined carbs, sweets, stimulants, fizzy drinks, chocolates, juices it is not astonishing to see concentration, activity, behaviour and focus levels fluctuate as depicted in children with ADHD.

Nourishing the Next Generation….

Ultimately, not everything may be blamed on nutritional deficiencies and diet, just as modern living is stressful for adults it is also for children. Too many children are pressured to perform well in everything, ‘perhaps living out their parents dissatisfactions. Children go from school, to piano, to extra tuition, with no time left to play. Accompany these psychological factors with diet and you have a recipe for health problems. Thus, along with optimum nutrition, children require love and support.