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Unhealthy diet during pregnancy can be related to ADHD

New research conducted by scientists from  University of Bristol & King’s College London found that a high sugar and high fat diet during pregnancy may be linked to symptoms of ADHD in children who show problems early in life. The study showed epigenetic changes at birth may explain the link between unhealthy diet- behavioural problems and ADHD.

Problems seen in the child from the onset such as lying, fighting, attention-deficit- hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are the primary causes of child mental health referral in the UK. These two disorders tend to occur  together, ‘more than 40 per cent of children with a diagnosis of conduct disorder also have a diagnosis of ADHD’. This can be seen back to similar prenatal health experiences such as poor nutrition and maternal anxiety.

Results from the study found that ADHD symptoms and conduct problems in children can be prevented by promoting a ‘healthy prenatal diet’. Consequently, nutritional and epigenetic risk factors can be altered.




Summer Fun and diabetes management…

Now we are hitting summer, a time to relax, unwind and enjoy, getting ready for the summer parties, picnics, barbecues, outings and events-a time when eating and drinking seems to be never-ending, do you agree?  

Sometimes, these events can be constant over a few days; this constant eating and indulging means it becomes difficult to manage one’s diabetes-a challenging time it may seem. However,  you can take charge and change your habit! By making more informed-wiser-healthier food and drink choices!

In contrary, to eating a usual meal that is finished once eaten, food at dates and events, do not have the same sense of ‘being finished’, we can always have one more snack or drink and become carried away whilst chatting away!

It’s up to us change these thought patterns, and create better choices for YOUR optimum health and well-being!  Rather than eating too much, bear in mind your usual portion sizes and carbohydrate amounts on an ordinary day.
It’s great to socialize and have a delightful time, but take control and know when you should say, ‘no, thank you’, so as not to overeat and drink at the expense of YOUR  OWN health! We believe in enjoying life to the full, to enjoy good food and drink in moderation, whilst being in CONTROL of your diabetes; as oppose to ignoring your body’s requirements in turn causing you difficulty in mind and body-short and long term. Having a mental or written ‘note’ of how to eat and drink sensibly whilst you are out enjoying yourself is vital for maintaining positive health and well-being, so be in control and keep the balance right!
Be happy-be bright-be you! ❤

Eat the rainbow for BEAUTIFUL SKIN!

BEAUTIFUL SKIN! We all want it NOW! And we want to maintain it throughout our life, but how? If you look after your body internally, be wise about your food and drink choices and use some reasonably priced natural organic beauty products; you will look and feel gorgeous!

I have been lucky to have soft, clear skin throughout my teenage years and now, I will let you in on my SECRETS! Are you ready for naturally flawless looking skin? Read on…

First and foremost, I cannot stress how important it is to stay hydrated!! Yes, it does sounds obvious but it is astonishing how many people forget this; considering our bodies are 70% water it’s no wonder we require at least 10 glasses a day, for good digestion. Drinking water doesn’t have to be boring, add some great flavour by adding fruits of your choice! For example you can add lemon juice to water for a refreshing taste and detoxify your body. The high level of vitamin C in lemons means that they are amazing for healthy skin and gums. It is also high in flavonoids which are great for boosting the effects of vitamins C and they contain other nutrients such as limonene which has been proven to slow the rate of cancerous growth! Also coconut water is a wonderful drink for rehydrating you, especially after a workout!

Enjoy eating an array of fruit and vegetables frequently within your meals and as snacks! If you are on the go, a great way to squeeze in your essential fruit and veg intake is by adding a mix to water, almond, oat, or soya milk etc. blend. However, it is most beneficial to eat these foods raw in salads, salsas etc., so that you are gaining the full nutrients from these whole foods, such as grapefruit, apples, raspberries etc. to keep its fibre content. The high vitamin C content of grapefruit means it is great to for improving your immune system.

Yummy Sweet potato! Rich in antioxidants such as beta-carotene which is anti-cancer and anti-viral. The vitamins A, C and E found in sweet potato help prevent wrinkles, protect eyes and even improve memory!

4. Coconut oil to moisturise skin!
Known for its healing properties, I absolutely love this oil for my skin and hair! So rich in vitamins such as E, keeping the skin lovely and supple and the skin tissues strong, thus preventing wrinkles!

Try it out and let me know what you think! Be happy-be bright-be you!

By Sabrina Moied

Latest report proves ‘SHOCKING’ sugar levels in hot drinks!

Research findings estimated that more than 1/3 of drinks contain the same amount or MORE SUGAR than a can of coca-cola, which contains 9 teaspoons of sugar per can. Around 1.7 billion cups of coffee are sold each year and 1/5 of the population visit coffee shops daily (including teens).

A report by ‘Action on Sugar’analysed 131 hot drinks and found some of the worst cases; drinks contained more than 20 or more teaspoons of sugar!!! Drinks analysed included flavoured coffees such as mochas and lattes, hot fruit drinks and hot chocolates from coffee shops and fast food chains. The statistics showed that 98% of the drinks tested would receive the red nutritional value label  for high sugar content. Some of the worst ‘sugar content’, for each type of flavoured drink are as follows:

-costa and Chai latte – Massimo with 20 teaspoons of sugar per serving.
-starbucks-white chocolate mocha with whipped cream – Venti with 18 teaspoons of sugar per serving.
-starbucks- Signature hot chocolate – Venti- with 15 teaspoons of sugar per serving.
-cafe nero- Caramelatte with 13 teaspoons of sugar per serving.

Starbucks, Costa and Cafe Nero said they were committed to reducing sugar content in their drinks. To tackle the issue ‘Action of Sugar’ called for a reduction on the amount of sugar in coffee shop drinks, a 20% reduction in tax for unhealthy drinks and products as well as a ban on marketing and promoting these products.

But for now these drinks have more than 3 x the Government recommended maximum!! We will say choose the healthiest options when you go out for drinks and better still stick to your water and home-made smoothies!! Be happy-be bright-be you!


Children with Learning difficulties and the Modern Day Diet….

Childhood should be a happy time- to enjoy play and have fun! However, trends show that children with learning difficulties are increasing! More and more children are having  learning difficulties such as ADHD and autism as well as problems with behaviour and socialising, so why is this the case?

A survey undertaken by London’s City University found that a quarter of all children ‘often’ or ‘always felt stressed. Symptoms such as inability to focus, reading and writing difficulties, visual perception problems and poor hand eye co-ordination are distinctive of too many children. In essence, these factors are all linked to the brain; optimal nutrition during preconception and pregnancy has a massive impact upon foetal development: the brain, learning and behaviour.

Sadly, many of the most important nutrients required for brain development is missing from the modern day diet, such as essential fats, fat soluble vitamins and zinc. These nutrients have been replaced by high sugar foods, refined wheat and high processed fats.


It is commonly known that many children with ADHD are deficient in essential fatty acids, causing dry skin, eczema, asthma and thirst. Also, males who have a much higher EFA requirement are more effected than females as 4 out of 5 ADHD sufferers are male. Research obtained by Oxford University proved the value of these essential fats in a trial carried out; 41 children aged 8-12 years with ADHD symptoms and specific learning difficulties. Results portrayed that children receiving extra essential fats in supplements were both learning and  behaving better within 12 weeks.


Moreover, children with Autism are lacking in Vitamin A, essential to aid vision. It is also essential to build healthy cells in the brain and in the gut. Essentially, the best sources of vitamin A are as follows: breast milk, milk fat, organ meats, fish and cod liver oil, often replaced  in the modern diet with formula milk, multivitamins and fortified milk. Many of which actually contain altered forms of retinol (vitamin A). Thus, if children are not obtaining enough natural vitamin A, the potential of allergies, digestive problems, effected vision and lack of brain development increase. Both brain and visual differences are hallmark to Autistic children.

Many studies have proven that hyperactive children have high sugar diets in comparison to other children. Glucose is the main fuel for brain and body and when blood glucose levels increase wildly all day long, on refined carbs, sweets, stimulants, fizzy drinks, chocolates, juices it is not astonishing to see concentration, activity, behaviour and focus levels fluctuate as depicted in children with ADHD.

Nourishing the Next Generation….

Ultimately, not everything may be blamed on nutritional deficiencies and diet, just as modern living is stressful for adults it is also for children. Too many children are pressured to perform well in everything, ‘perhaps living out their parents dissatisfactions. Children go from school, to piano, to extra tuition, with no time left to play. Accompany these psychological factors with diet and you have a recipe for health problems. Thus, along with optimum nutrition, children require love and support.