About Sabrina & Shafia

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Nutrition Education programs for you-for a healthier community.

The mission of Splendid and Soulful Nutrition is to provide one-stop online research based weight-loss, preventative diet and fitness program to help you work towards a healthier lifestyle. So rise to success with ‘splendid & soulful nutrition’!


♥  Sabrina is a passionate Nutritionist- foodie, enjoys yoga and  loves life.  She believes the key to success is to be happy and healthy in mind, body and spirit. The foundation for this is ‘optimal nutrition’ and an ‘active lifestyle’ of fun sport or exercise.  This is the simplest yet most effective way to boost  vitality and well-being. ♥


♥  Shafia seeks to improve health and wellness through nutrition and physical exercise programs. She loves to travel and believes food and drink add ‘magic’ to life, providing vital energy and strength to deal with day to day  life efficiently. A great believer in nutrition as  prevention rather then using medicine to treat illnesses and diseases. ♥

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